Sep 192016

Current Mission Activities:

Water for Flint: July Deacon’s Fund designation. Total ~$500.00 to be sent to PDA

The village of Kinyameseke is in need of funds/humanitarian aid for food. Mission sent $500 for food.

EWB/Water Project for Uganda: The new semester at Clarkson has begun and previous and new members have met twice to discuss the water project. They have been in communication with Howard Crook, Kule, and Ngamije and are getting maps together. Howard plans to meet with the Clarkson group

Deacon’s Funds and Offerings

The Peace and Global Witness Offering will be designated to go to Homelessness and Affordable Housing specifically A Tiny Home for Good. Funds will be collected until October 2nd when the campaign ends with World Communion Sunday. The director of A Tiny Home for Good, Andrew Lunetta, has agreed to give the congregation an update in the near future during a Minute for Mission.

The Crop Walk is October 2nd. A coordinator is desperately needed this week. See Charlie Brown or contact the office. 315-378-8124 or 315-468-2509.

The September Deacon’s Fund will be designated to refugee assistance. Fran Hunter researched refugee support organizations. The committee discussed options and determined that Catholic Charities will be contacted in order to gather more information and funds will be collected toward refugee assistance.


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Aug 282016

Pictures of smiling faces with full bellies from the orphanage we are helping to support.

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Aug 152016

The air conditioning installation in the Sanctuary is complete.  Come join us for worship every Sunday at 10:30 AM.

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Jul 252016

uganda07-2016-12 uganda07-2016-1Dear Head of Mission Committee of RMPC,

We thank you so much for the financial assistance received, bought food; cassava and maize flour and distributed to over eighteen (18) deserving neediest families. We are experiencing severe hunger and some of our beneficiaries are seriously hit. It was a blessing to receive US$200 which we used to buy food and distributed the same. Out of the eighteen families Morice and Bibian family received a lion share. The next harvest is expected in October/November if God gives us rain. All along, we lay our lives in the Hands of the Almighty God.
May the Good continue to bless you abundantly, Amen.


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Jun 082016

Grilled SPare Ribs and Chicken


Saturday, June 11th from Noon until Sold Out
Suggested Donation: Adults $12.50 – Children under 12 $6.50

Also, there will be a CRAFT FAIR & RUMMAGE SALE.

Live Music by “Box Office Boys”

The church is located 126 S. Terry Rd., Syracuse, NY 13219
Please call the church office if you have questions at 468-2509.

Image:  Grilled SPare Ribs and Chicken by Steven Depolo is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Reduced size original image.

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