Community Outreach

Robinson is proud to be a member of the Westvale, Fairmount, Geddes, Solvay, and Camillus neighborhoods. While anyone is welcome to drop in to our regular worship on Sundays at 11:00, we recognize that people go to different churches or even choose not to go at all.
The following programs are open to anyone regardless if you attend services here (or anywhere) regularly. Stop in for one of our lunches and make a few new friends, or take up quilting if you’re looking for a new hobby. All are welcome.

Dave’s Cookin’  – Hungry for a good lunch?

Join us for lunch in the Fellowship Hall! Only $6.00 for each meal. Lunch starts at 12:00 Noon. Please call the office at 315-468-2509 to sign-up so we have enough food!

Next Luncheons:

October 16—Liz is working on finding a program
October 30—Halloween Party (Liz promises no quizzes)

Blood Pressure Checks

Do you know your levels?
We have a team of nurses who will provide blood pressure checks on the second and fourth Sunday each month at 11:30AM.

Next Checks: October 8 & 22

Elmwood Quilters

Want to try something new?
The Elmwood Quilters meet every Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm in the Quilting Room. Anyone interested in quilting is welcome!